Part 1 of Project 2 – Friday at the Coffee Shop

Friday Base story:

A young man is on his last day of work at a coffee shop. He takes the order of a usual working customer who was in a rush to get to work. The cashier knew his order by heart, a Large Vanilla Latte. Journey is playing over the sound system (Song is Don’t Stop Believin) . A retired male is reading The Great Gatsby near the front door. He spills his black coffee and breaks a ceramic mug. This causes a brief moment of commotion in the shop.The cashier of the shop had to clean up the mess.



It was my last day of work at the Coffee Shop. I smiled and helped a usual customer order their Large Vanilla Latte before work. I swiped their credit card with relief–knowing it would be the last time I took their order. The cafe was quieter than usual on a Friday. I knew this because I could actually hear the lyrics of “Don’t Stop Believin” being played on the sound system. Nearby, I looked over and saw an older gentleman, who was reading The Great Gatsby, when all of the sudden, he spilled his black coffee all over the floor and cracked a ceramic mug! I knew my last day was not going to be easy.



I was running late to work after a long week of meetings. I needed a quick pick me up so I stopped at my local coffee shop on the way to work. The cashier smiled at me because he knew my order, which saved me about 30 seconds. I handed him my AMEX and I waited in line by the barista listening to Journey on the speaker system. Then, I heard some commotion over by the front door. Looked like an old man spilled their coffee and broke a ceramic mug. What a way to start your day.



It was nice being retired. I was now able sit down and read for enjoyment all day at my favorite coffee shop. My first novel was The Great Gatsby. I sat near the door. A young business man entered the shop while I was reading. He ordered and came near the bar. I heard a Journey Song, “Don’t Stop Believin,” and got so excited I knocked over my black coffee and broke a ceramic mug. I felt so bad that the tenured cashier has to clean up the mess. Felt even worse when I heard it was his last day.


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