Blog Post #3

Introduction: To refresh my readers on my topic, I am studying the play performance genre in the English/Language Arts high school classroom. Specific set of students is a freshman group of students in a suburban setting. I will need to explain to students what plays are and how they are performed. The two plays I […]

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Welcome to my Blog

Hello folks, This is my professional blog. If you haven’t seen already, this blog site was used for a previous English course of mine. I am a English Education Major with a minor in English as a Second Language. My goal is to be teaching high school English and ESL when I graduate from UWM. […]

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Rear View Mirror

Question 1: Leading up to Dada and Surrealism, what was the state of mind of citizens? The term “anti-art” often comes up in discussion as a pre-cursor to the movement. Perhaps a better question for the first question is, What defined art during this time? The pre-cursors to Dada and Surrealism were challenging arts boundaries. […]

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Spectacle and Disruption

In my discussion here on Society and the Spectacle, I will discuss the role of mass media and commodity culture. I found an interesting quote from our friends at Wikipedia about commodity and consumerism, “In a consumer society, social life is not about living, but about having; the spectacle uses the image to convey what […]

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